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Congress Venue


The venue is the G-Hotel complex: http://www.ghotels.gr/ enlocated 40 miles (60 Km) away from Thessaloniki (also known as Salonica) which is Greece’s 2nd largest city.  


Access and Transportation

We will arrange shuttle services from/to the airport at specific times that will be announced in the web site one month prior to the conference.  All delegates will be asked to send us their flight itinerary as soon as they have booked their flights in order to coordinate their transportation.

Transfer times will vary according to the scheduled arrival and departure times of the airplanes.

For those that will not be able to board on a shuttle bus (either because they arrive/depart on a different day or because they don’t want to wait for the congress bus), we have negotiated special rates for private transportation to/from the congress venue.  Rates are already announced in the registration area.

Arrival shuttle service will be organized for the 14th and 15th of June.

Departure shuttle service will be organized for the 19th and 20th of June.


Internet Connection at the hotel / congress venue.

  • There is free Wi-Fi connection only in the conference room Theodora and the three breakout rooms near the foyer of this room.
  • There is also Wi-Fi connection in the lobby of the hotels.  Delegates will have to request a code from the reception of each hotel at the cost of Euro 20,00 per day (24 hours use).
  • Finaly, there is an Internet Cafe in each hotel which is also charged.
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