• image1 3rd Conference of the International Society for NonParametric Statistics
  • image2 June 11th-16th, 2016
    Palace of the Popes International Conference Center
    Avignon, France

Program of ISNPS III (Avignon, 2016)

1 Saturday June 11

15h00          Registration                                 
18h00          Welcome cocktails room Benedict XII cloister 

2 Sunday June 12

8h30-9h00            Registration and introduction                                                                                              
9h00-10h00           Plenary session: T. Mikosch                                                                                                
10h00-10h30          Coffee break                                                                                                               
10h30-12h30     Einmahl         Fromont         Liu             Hart            Dabo            Johannes        Sperlich        C-S-11          
12h30-14h15          Lunch                                                                                                                      
14h15-16h15     Soulier         Wang, H.        Romo            Abadir          Dudek           Abramson        C-S-15          C-S-10          
16h15-16h45          Coffee break                                                                                                               
16h45-18h45     Sabourin        Sapatinas       Chen            Schimek         Dalalyan        Akritas         C-S-3           C-S-13          

3 Monday June 13

8h30-10h30      Bunea           Wang, S.        Dette           Xie             Wang, Q.        C-S-4           C-S-5           C-S-14         
10h30-11h00          Coffee break                                                                                                              
11h00-13h00     Rivoirard       Kratz           Datta           Xu              Meintanis       Vieu            C-S-12          C-S-16         
13h00-14h15          Lunch                                                                                                                     
14h15-16h15     Ghoshal         Markovich       Vasiliev        Munk            Meintanis       Vieu            Koul            C-S-9          
16h15-16h45          Coffee break                                                                                                              
16h45-18h45     Lahiri          Huskova         Politis         Muller          Nordman         Parast          Wintenberger    C-S-17         
19h00-20h30          ISNPS Council comitee meeting                                                                                             

4 Tuesday June 14

8h30-9h30            Plenary session: A. Owen                                                                  
9h30-10h30       Invited session: R. Liu                         Invited session: G. Biau                      
10h30-11h00          Coffee break                                                                              
11h00-13h00     Durot           Dahlhaus        Pensky          Das Gupta       Marron          Zakoian        
                     Lunch and social program                                                                  

5 Wednesday June 15

8h30-10h30      Barnejee        Cao             Paparoditis     Hallin          Schick          Kreiss         
10h30-11h00          Coffee break                                                                              
11h00-13h00          Peter Hall Memorial Session: P. Bickel and ISNPS Awards                                   
13h00-14h15          Lunch                                                                                     
14h15-16h15     Chambaz         Racine          Van Keilegom    Girardin        Dutta           Patrangenaru   
16h15-16h45          Coffee break                                                                              
16h45-17h45          Plenary session: S. Van de Geer                                                           
17h45-18h45       Invited session: A. Rahbeck                     Invited session: W. Polonik                  
19h00                GALA DINNER                                                                               

6 Thursday June 16

8h30-10h30      C-S 1           C-S-8           C-S-2           C-S-6           C-S-7           C-S-18         
10h30-11h00          Coffee break                                                                              
11h00-13h00     Delaigle        Song            Gautier         Magdalinos      Leskow          Chiaromonte    
13h00-14h15          Lunch                                                                                     
14h15-15h15          Plenary Session: S. Mallat                                                                
15h30-16h30          ISNPS Council comitee meeting                                                             

CS1 Econometrics (chair: Jean-Pierre Florens)

  • Andrii Babii. Identification and estimation in the functional linear instrumental regression
  • Eric Gautier. Random coefficients with bounded regressors
  • Michal Pesta. Conditional least squares and copulae for panel data
  • Joachim Schnurbus. Catching-up, leapfrogging, and falling-back in economic growth — A nonparametric approach
  • Hyunsook Lee. Nonparametric Data Analysis for the Market Size Prediction to Estimate R&D benefits
  • Henry Laniado. On a robust and nonparametric estimation of the covariance matrix in the portfolio selection problem

CS2 Permutation/ Resampling and computer intensive method (chair: Patrice Bertail)

  • María Isabel Borrajo García. Bootstrapping kernel density estimators for length-biased data
  • Jonas Krampe. Moving Average Sieve Bootstrap
  • Ines Barbeito. Smoothed stationary bootstrap bandwidth selection for density estimation with dependent data
  • Fortunato Pesarin. Nonparametric Union-Intersection Approach in Multivariate Permutation Tests
  • Kellie Ottoboni. permute: A Python Package for Randomization Inference
  • Olivier Renaud. Comparison of permutation methods in presence of nuisance variables

CS3 Semiparametric statistics and lower bounds (chair: Valentin Patilea)

  • Stefan Sperlich. Unhappy with semi-parametrics?
  • Serguei Novak. Non-parametric lower bounds and information functions
  • Adrien Saumard. Excess Risk Concentration in least-square regression with heteroscedastic noise.
  • Miroslaw Pawlak. Nonparametric and Semiparametric Inference for Signal Symmetries
  • Dimitrios Bagkavos. Semiparametric smooth estimation of the hazard rate estimation

CS4 High dimension/complex data (chair: Eric Matzner-Løber)

  • Liang Zhang. A Scale-invariant L2-norm Based Two-sample Test for High-dimensional Data
  • Thomas Gueuning. The focused information criterion for high-dimensional data
  • Alice Carla Luisa Parodi. FLAME: a Functional Linear Adaptive Mixed Estimation for high dimensional functional-on-scalar regression
  • Joni Virta. Independent component analysis for tensor-valued data
  • Javier Tarrio Polymer. creep deformation estimates using a flexible approach based on Time/Temperature Superposition principle
  • Keith Knight. Algorithmic leveraging and elemental estimation

CS5 Functional data (chair: Philippe Vieu)

  • Nicholas Tarabelloni. A Robustly Adjusted Boxplot for Functional Data
  • Dominik Liebl. Bandwidth Selection for Smoothing Sparse and Non-Sparse Functional Data with Covariate Adjustments
  • Tianming Zhu. Probabilities of misclassification given by a L2-norm-based classifier for functional data
  • Mohamed Cherfi. Estimating the Conditional Error Distribution in Non-parametric Regression for Functional Data and Applications
  • Alessia Pini. A Non-Parametric Inferential Framework for Domain Selection in Functional Data Analysis

CS6 Regression models/model selection (chair: Mélanie Zetlaoui)

  • Miroslav Siman. Advances in Quantile Regression for Vector Responses
  • Xin Geng. Estimation of a Partially Linear Regression in Triangular Systems
  • Mousa Golalizadeh. Nonparametric Regression to Model Shape Variability Using Spherical Coordinates
  • Frank Eriksson. Asymptotic theory for frequentist multiple imputation for Cox regression with missing covariate data
  • Ali Charkhi. Asymptotic AIC post-selection confidence intervals
  • Adriano Zambom. Lag Selection and Model Validation in Nonparametric Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedastic Models

CS7 Nonparametrics for dependent data (chair: Philippe Soulier)

  • Irène Gannaz. Wavelet Whittle estimation in multivariate time series models
  • Mélisande Albert. Separation rates for non-parametric independence tests based on wavelet decomposition and permutation
  • Lars Arne Jordanger. Nonlinear spectral analysis via the local Gaussian correlation
  • Poornima Unnikrishnan. On the selection of window length in Singular Spectrum Analysis of a time series
  • Mohamed Chaouch. On Robbins-Monro type conditional variance estimation with functional ergodic data
  • Clément Cerovecki. A note on the CLT for the discrete Fourier transforms of functional time series

CS8 Locally stationary time series/Change point (chair: François Roueff)

  • Cristina Tone. A Central Limit Theorem for Non-stationary Strongly Mixing Random Fields
  • Anne van Delft. Locally stationary functional time series
  • Pilar Poncella. Automatic Signal Extraction for Stationary and Non-Stationary Time Series by Circulant SSA
  • Michael Scholz. A local-polynomial Chow-type test
  • Frederick Kin Hing Phoa. An Efficient Analysis of Change Points via Swarm Intelligence

CS9 Nonparametric statistics (chair: Eric Matzner-Løber and Rachael Quill)

  • Rachael Quill. An Evaluation of Kolmogorov-Smirnov Style Statistics for Bivariate Circular Data
  • Zbigniew Szkutnik. Asymptotic confidence bands in the Wicksell's problem
  • Lars Bohlin. Analysing Rankings with the Sign Test, Using p-values Conditional on the Rank Order of the Sample
  • Jan Kalina. On the locally most powerful sequential rank tests
  • Fadoua Balabdaoui. Maximum likelihood estimation of a unimodal probability mass function
  • Saddam Akber Abbasi. Nonparameteric EWMA Sign Control Chart with Estimated Parameters

CS10 Goodness of fit/ Rank tests (chair: Salim Bouzebda)

  • Benjamin Colling. Goodness-of-fit tests in semiparametric transformation models using the integrated regression function
  • Ronan Le Guével. Goodness-of-fit test for multistable Lévy processes
  • Charl Pretorius. A Monte Carlo evaluation of the performance of two new tests for symmetry
  • Salim Bouzebda. Strong approximations for a class of integrated empirical processes with applications to statistical tests
  • Philippe Regnault. Generalized Mutual-Information based independence tests

CS11 Survival analysis/censored data (chair: Ingrid Van Keilegom)

  • Angelina Roche. Nonparametric estimation of the hazard rate in a multiplicative censoring model
  • Gwennaëlle Mabon. Adaptive deconvolution of survival function on the nonnegative real line
  • Mickaël De Backer. Copula Quantile Regression with Censored Data
  • Zohra Guessoum. Uniform Strong Convergence of the Distribution Function Estimator for Associated, Truncated and Censored data

CS12 Classification and prediction (chair: Arnak Dalalyan)

  • Jan De Neve. Probabilistic Index Mixed Models for Clustered Data
  • Jose Berrendero. New proposals for multidirectional supervised classification
  • Miles Lopes. Measuring the Algorithmic Convergence of Random Forests via Bootstrap Extrapolation
  • Jessica Gronsbell. Semi-Supervised Approaches to Efficient Evaluation of Model Prediction Performance
  • Marta Avalos. A comparison of unsupervised curve classification methods for sport training data
  • Thomas Kerdreux. Admissibility of k-nn type smoothers

CS13 Sparsity/Lasso (chair: Pierre-André Cornillon)

  • Wojciech Rejchel. Asymptotic properties of U-processes with convex loss and weighted Lasso penalty
  • Perrine Soret. Lasso-type estimators for non-parametric mixed-e ects models: application to high-dimensional data from a vaccine clinical trial for HIV
  • Matus Maciak. Change-points and Shape Constrains in LASSO Regularized Nonparametric Regression
  • Eugen Pircalabelu. Joint sparse graphical models for brain imaging data with different coarseness levels
  • Thomas Porter. Higher Criticism - An Alternate Interpretation

CS14 Density and intensity estimation (chair: Vincent Rivoirard)

  • Håkon Otneim. Estimating multivariate and conditional density functions using local Gaussian approximations
  • Nathalie Akakpo. Multivariate intensity estimation via wavelet model selection
  • Maria Dolores Martinez-Miranda. Scale and Space Inference of Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process Intensities
  • Martin Kroll. Nonparametric estimation of the intensity function from indirect Poisson point process observations
  • Shota Gugushvili. A non-parametric Bayesian approach to decompounding from high frequency data
  • Vladimir Pastukhov. A stochastic process approach to multilayer neutron detectors

CS15 Adaptativity/Minimax (chair: Delphine Blanke)

  • Jan Johannes. Adaptive Bayesian estimation in indirect Gaussian sequence space models
  • Zoltan Szabo. Minimax-Optimal Distribution Regression
  • Madison Giacofci. Minimax wavelet estimation for multisample heteroscedastic nonparametric regression
  • Sabyasachi Chatterjee. Adaptive risk bounds in Unimodal Regression
  • Leszek Plaskota. Minimax estimation of Holder functions; a complexity analysis

CS16 Testing (chair: Magalie Fromont Renoir)

  • Arnold Janssen. Martingale approach for multiple testing and FDR control
  • Martina Mincheva. Nonparametric hypothesis testing of the human microbiome using evolutionary trees
  • Juan Carlos Pardo-Fernandez. Robust testing for superiority between two regression curves
  • Ester Mariucci. Asymptotic equivalence for pure jump L evy processes with unknown Levy density and Gaussian white noise

CS17 Bayesian statistics (chair: Edith Gabriel) I

  • Xueou Wang. Variational approximation using history matching in Horseshoe+ prior choice and outlier dectection in sparse signal regression
  • Catia Scricciolo. Bayesian nonparametric inference for the quantile function
  • Mai The Tien. Bayesian Matrix Completion under General Sampling Distribution
  • Mingan Yang. Bayesian variable selection for mixed effect models with nonignorable dropout
  • Yanyun Zhao. Alternatives for Ghosal-Ghosh-Vaart priors
  • A. Gribinski. Nonparametric estimation of the basic reproductive function for SIR epidemic models

CS18 Long range/Signal (chair: Antoine Chambaz)

  • Jan Beran. On testing for Hermite rank in Gaussian subordination series
  • Pramita Bagchi. Inference for Monotone Functions Under Short and Long Range Dependence
  • Germain Van Bever. Joint diagonalisation of scatter operators: Hilbertian Fourth Order Blind Identification and other applications
  • Mikael Kuusela. Shape-constrained uncertainty quantification in unfolding elementary particle spectra at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Sarah Friedrich. Permuting longitudinal data despite all the dependencies